Maggie Jezek

dedicated student, athlete, and volunteer

[Birthday] born on June 30 in Chicago, Illinois


[Family] parents: Kristi and Ray - sister: Ella - mini golden doodle: Mocha

[Interests] nursing, volleyball, calligraphy, reading, singing, and dancing

Fun Facts

★ Before choosing to pursue nursing, I thought about being a teacher, card designer, graphic designer, forensic scientist, detective, surgeon, and a medical laboratory scientist.

★ I love reading, especially Harry Potter.

★ I can be a little bit of a nerd sometimes. I am a big fan of all things superhero and I love school.

★ Occasionally, I think I am an artist and find myself coloring, drawing, and crafting in my spare time.

★ My favorite color is white, but if it has to be a "real" color, I would say blue. 

★ I have played both club and school volleyball for 7 years.

★ I played softball my freshman year with no experience and did surprisingly well

★ I was a hardcore theater kid in elementary and middle school. I was in year-round children's theater productions and took both voice and dance lessons for years. To be honest, I still jam out to musical theater on full blast in the car.

★ I took ballet lessons for two years and quit only because I was too serious about volleyball. Sometimes I wish I stuck with dance but I think I made the right decision in picking volleyball.

★ Once, I sprinted 1,000 meters on a rowing machine in under 5 minutes. I felt very accomplished but also very tired.

★ When I was 15, I got all four of my wisdom teeth out and I looked like a squash. I also could not eat for a week due to not being able to open my mouth wide enough.